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Special Technical Analysis Workshop
On Saturday, November 1st, Tim Ord and Fari Hamzei will conduct a full-day workshop on Advanced Technical Analysis at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska:

Tim Ord, publisher of "The Ord Oracle" will redefine the past master of price and volume "Richard Wyckoff" methods of the 1930's and will show you his new discoveries and techniques he has found with price and volume.

"Timer Digest" frequently ranked Tim Ord as one of the top 10 timers.

  1. You will find where to take trades that risk is lowest and profit highest.

  2. His unique volume studies will show you when a rally or decline is gaining or losing strength.

  3. Learn about Price Targets and why previous highs and lows are important.

  4. Understand Volume Explosion at the end of a move and why that stops the market.

  5. Indentify False Breakouts and learn what you should expect.

  6. Plus many more techniques will be covered.

Just one of Tim Ord's techniques used in real trading could more than pay for the cost of this workshop!


Fari Hamzei, is the founder of Hamzei Analytics and creator of its Dollar Weighted Put/Call Ratios, Uniform Volatilities, Active Beta Matrix and Hornets Trading System.   He is also the publisher of the Hamzei Analytics Options Trading Service (HOTS) and, since Fall 1999, has been the Group Leader for Los Angeles TradeStation Users Group. provides Quantitative Market Sentiment data, in real time, for over 180 of the most active Indices, Equities, Sector HOLDRS and Index Tracking Stocks.

Fari will cover the following and more:

  1. How to use real time sentiment to give you a trading edge.

  2. Differences between Simple & Dollar Weighted Put Call Ratios ($wPCR)

  3. How to interpret $wPCR's

  4. Actual examples involving $wPCR signals.

  5. Charting and Data-Mining Tools of Hamzei Analytics' proprietary database

Qualify for special pricing on Hamzei Analytics' premier products that fit your style of trading!

Date: Saturday, November 1, 2003
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST

Click here to tour the Embassy Suites Hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska
Embassy Suites Hotel

1040 P Street, Lincoln, NE   68508
Telephone (402) 474-1111

Rooms from $149 a night

Sign-up NOW!

$500 until October 15th , $600 thereafter.
Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Workshop Workbook and Handouts.
A number of recent Technical Analysis books will be raffled.

To pay by Check, VISA, MasterCard or American Express,
please call Dawn at The Ord Orcale: (402) 486-0362

First come, first served.   Seats are limited.

Chat with Fari on Fari Hamzei writes for CBOE Options Hub on event-deriven basis       Futures & Options for Stock Indices
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