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The SuperHornets v2.0 Trading Service consists of the newest and most advanced sentiment indicators and trading systems we have ever developed. SuperHornets v2.0 Trading Service is tailored for Swing Trading up to 18 select issues:

                                            -   3 Liquid ETF Trades;
                                            -   5 Big Cap Stock Trades;
                                            - 10 High Beta Stock Trades.

Our proprietary sentiment tools, such as Active Beta Matrix, Put/Call Ratios and Market Implied and Uniform Volatilities Historical Database guide us in selecting issues poised most for immediate price action. In addition, the money management and trading parameters of SuperHornets v2.0 Trading Service builds upon the success of the real-time, live trading experience of the highly popular Hornets Trading System (introduced in December 2001) and SuperHornets Trading Service (launched in December 2002).

As an example, on January 9, 2004, the Hornets Trading System, while monitored by Timer Digest closed a LONG S&P500 cash (SPX) position from October 3, 2003, resulting in a gain of more than 92 S&P points, which equates to 886+ DOW points.

     - Read the General Information and Guidelines

     - See our Inaugural Issue (minus our TradeStation charts).

     - See a recent issue (minus our TradeStation charts).

     - Review the SuperHornets v2.1 FAQ.

     - Review Current Perfromance History: as of May 12, 2004, Annualized Return = 23.1 %

     - Advanced traders seeking additional leverage should investigate entering the SuperHornets                 trades using Single Stock Futures.

The SuperHornets v2.0 Trading Service is equally biased going LONG or SHORT, and provides BUY and SELL SHORT signals. Once an entry order is filled, the DAILY Trailing Stop orders are computed and posted on the website for entry BEFORE the next trading day. This stand-alone product does NOT require a subscription to the TradeStation platform (a $200/month SAVINGS), and we update the systems' current positions and new orders for the next trading day (both entry and exit stops) after the close of each trading day.

Publication Time: Sunday thru Thursday, the Report with the accompanying charts, should be posted online, and email notification sent to your email account by 20:00 pst.

Hamzei Analytics is pleased to announce that the following security brokers can now automatically execute SuperHornets recommendations (Auto-Trade) for you:

PTI Securities Options Xpress American Option Services Interactive Brokers CB&S REFCO

When you sign-up thru PayPal, your PayPal account will be charged $59.95 per month till you terminate your SuperHornets Subscription.   SuperHornets v2.0 FAQ shows you how to cancel.
By clicking below you agree that the cancellation of your subscription will take effect at the end of the current 30-day billing cycle, with no pro-rata refund for any unused portion of the subscription period.

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