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From: CMW []

Sent: Friday, June 5, 2020 2:20 PM


Subject: Testimonial for OTF Lite


I have been involved in trading/investing for a long time. I have experienced all the good and bad times since ’87. Along the way I have traded stocks, options and futures from energy, treasuries, metals as well as the ES and NQ contracts. Even the big S&P back to the days of calling the pit for orders. Glad I don’t have to do that anymore!

I wanted to commend you on what you and your team at Hamzei Analytics have put together. The market analysis in PMT PRO has been outstanding and has helped me confidently and successfully hedge my long equity portfolio. Let’s not forget the additional Alpha as a bonus!

Your OTF Lite service is outstanding. In the short time I have been a member, with your indicators and guidance I have been able to identify key times and areas of INTELLIGENT support and resistance. I have instituted your tranche approach to my trading as well. What a difference. I prefer to trade early and not often, looking for moves that suit my particular style and risk appetite. I have traded three days this week and have been able to shut down my monitors by 1030AM every day. My average target is 25 to 30 handles a day. This AM was a three sigma event for the market and me! I shutdown at 1030 with 136 handles! A true COHIBA day.

Your customer team is outstanding, Suzie has been great with my computer and Twitter challenges and has delivered at the highest service levels.

I am looking forward to continuing to learn and improve using your excellent analysis and resources.



Sent from my iPad

From: OutlierKen []

Sent: Saturday, May 30, 2020 1:23 PM


Subject: testimonial

I have been a full time trader for 13 years. Along the way I certainly have tried my share of services to obtain what one would expect as "reliable" to further my trading education. However, as most discover, none of these services prove themselves to be reliable at all or effectively change the profit curve for a trader. OTF Lite is a very different experience. The transparency is unprecedented. The tools Fari uses are the most reliable and sophisticated in every market condition. Many indicators often fail in accuracy as different market conditions cycle. This is not the case with the indicators used in OTF Lite. I have been a subscriber of multiple services with Hamzei Analytics and I have yet to find a market condition that these services fall short. OTF Lite is superior in all categories and expectations if you are considering becoming a futures trader or if you have already been one you will find it substantially increases the profit curve on a consistent basis. The service will quickly show a trader a new way of looking at the market and allow you to break bad habits. The mental currency alone from being able to follow some successful trades will change the bottom line for any trader. I would never consider trading the NQ or ES without being a memeber of OTF Lite unless I wanted to give all my money to the market. I suspect that like me, any trader who begins as a subscriber to OTF Lite will find themselves subscribing to other services Hamzei Analytics provides because they will quickly find they pay for themselves and substantially add to your profit curve long term. There simply is not any other way to take on the market as a trader and expect to outperform traders who use these services from Hamzei Analytics.

Ken Simmons

From: Stephanie Alexander []

Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2020 5:02 PM

To: Fari Hamzei ; Fari Hamzei

Subject: Testimonial

I have been using Hamzei Analytics’ OTF service for the better part of several years. The service is based upon a fractal analysis of large market transactions. It allows a trader to see-- in real time-- what side the really big market buyers are choosing so that you can follow like a dolphin happily drafting in the wake of an aircraft carrier. Once you learn the system indicators, it’s really an easy and profitable system to master. Indeed, the system signals are so clear that they are hard to miss. If you miss them, it’s simply because you are trading what you think and not what you see, or are just stuck in a bad trade because you’re obstinate and hoping the market will turn in your favor. Guess what, friends, hope-- as they say-- is not a strategy.

At this point, I would never trade /NQ without the OTF program. It’s easily possible to make several percentage points profit on your total portfolio, per day, if you’re paying attention and, perhaps more importantly, the system will also give you a heads up as to when to exit your trades too. Plus, the trading room is normally staffed by market expert Fari Hamzei himself, and the low price of the OTF service is honestly worth it just to hear his wisdom and humor daily. Give the service a try, watch the webinars, and follow along as the trades become obvious. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Indeed, Hamzei Analytics’ market timing is currently ranked first in the world in terms of performance. Why trade with anything else?

Happy trading,

Stephanie Alexander

From: Monroe Bernold []

Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2020 4:21 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: OTF_LITE

OTF_LITE is an extraordinary service, you can follow the exact entries and exits of a multi-decade professional, FARI HAMZEI, who is consistently ranked number one by Timer Digest. I have been subscribing to the service for six months (since its inception), and have been extremely profitable, trading the mini ES and NQ. A free trial is also offered. Monroe Bernold

From: Leigh Everington []

Sent: Wednesday, May 20, 2020 11:29 AM


Subject: FW: Recommendation


I have been day trading futures for over 12 years with mixed results over that period. I have to say what you do with OTF_Lite is give a trader a very different perspective to everything else out there. Watching you trade live and posting your results is refreshing as most do not, I love the transparency. Your methods are straight forward and clearly work as proven in the room. Keep up the great work !

Leigh Everington

From: Smartwear []

Sent: Thursday, June 13, 2019 2:50 PM


Subject: profit on your analysis

Hello Fari,

I wanted to let you know that on the advice of your PMT Pro Alert, I entered the put play today.

I did sell it as well, as I do not hold anything overnight at my age, I like a bird in the hand.

I have the trade on my history screen to prove to any perspective subscribers.

I can take a pciture if’d you’d like.

I made $778.00 in one day. I would have never entered the trade on my own.

Thank you for the very good analysis,


Vinnie StJohn


From: Yash Chahal []

Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 4:14 PM


Subject: PMT


Just wanted you to know of what has happened in the past few months.

I’ve subscribed to PMT for over a year now, however I never truly engaged it as I was doing futures. However I have had 2 kids in 16 months and having a full time job on top does not leave much time for futures.

So this March I started to pay much closer attention to PMT pro, since it’s a weekly trade. The deep analysis that is provided every week is amazing and just gives you that confidence to go into the call or put for the SPY option for that week.

I started small but I had the confidence that PMT pro will return a profit. The PMT vs SPX graph clearly shows that. Well since March I have doubled my account.

Not only have I paid for the PMT pro subscription many times over, I am way past what I thought the return would have been in such a short time frame. Obviously it’s not guaranteed and sometimes you do get stopped out. But the real amazing part is that the majority of the time the trade hits all the targets set out by this service so the losses from the stops are easily recouped and exceeded! Over 100% return in a few months already!

Continue the great work and I will be utilizing this service for a long, long time!

Thank you very much for your service!

Yash Chahal

From: Monroe Bernold []

Sent: Sunday, December 23, 2018 2:14 AM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: RANKING






From: Riverstone Trading []

Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 4:18 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: Update

Hi Fari,

I have been messing around with how I track my progress with this trading system I have developed off of your trading system.

I have notice a pattern in the ES that develops under certain conditions when I am in an NQ trade; so I have added it to my trading in this system.

I still am only trading a 1 lot in this account. Though to be clear I may have 1 in NQ and 1 in ES simultaneously. I will move that up to at least a 2 lot the first of the year. I am debating if I want to trade it 1 lot per 10K of account value. I will stop trading on 12/21 this year an resume on 1/2/19.

As you know we started this account with approx 10k this summer. I have taken a bit more than 25K out of this account. I am going to track this account in this format every month and I would be happy to share this with you monthly.

I am trading this system in other accounts with more size and it is mindblowing how well it performs. My only issue is it take TREMENDOUS focus and for a variety of reasons I am not always able to do that. I am working to resolve those issues.

Have a great webinar tonight


From: Riverstone Trading []

Sent: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 9:33 AM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: OTF Testimonial

Hi Fari,

I want to share with you how you have changed the life of a friend of mine and her mother.

I have been in your OTF room for several months now and have been analysing your system and working on adapting it to my trading style. Early this summer my friend called me and shared that through a series of circumstances her mother’s “nest egg” was now just 10,000. For her to stay in the assisted living community she has lived in the last 5 years she needed an additional 2,500 a month above what her mother’s monthly income would cover. She asked if there was any way with 10k I could help. If not her mother would be out of savings in 3 months and looking at moving into a medicaid facility. She would have to leave the place she had called home for 5 years. The friendships she had made would be left behind as well. She is 85 and this was a devastating situation for her emotionally.

I told my friend that I did not think it would be possible for us to do anything with 10k that would help this situation. Then I started thinking about some of the ideas I had about adjusting your trading system for smaller accounts. After thinking this through I went back through your transcripts and charts for the previous months I had been in the OTF trading room. I back tested my ideas based on your system with my twist. Maybe this would work for my friend.

I called my friend. I said lets give this a try. I believed in my idea so much that I told her I would trade the account for 1 month and if it lost money I would return to her the full 10k. I didn’t want to add to the problem and I was confident in what I was seeing.

I am happy to share with you that June, July, August and now September the shortfall has been completely covered by the trading I have done, which is a hybrid of your system. The balance in the account is now in excess of the original balance. Let me say that in a different way. In June I started with 10k. As of today Sept 6th we have paid out 10K to cover the shortfall of the assisted living residence for four months, AND we have an account balance in excess of the original balance. We accomplished this trading just ONE NQ futures contract on each trade setup. My friend and her mother are beyond grateful as am I. Thank you. You have changed the lives of complete strangers with your work and the generosity with which you share it.

I now have 4 months of real time data. The expectancy of this system is remarkable. The risk per trade based on the size of the account is well within the parameters I use for risk size. I am starting to use this system on a larger account with a bit more risk on. I am looking forward to analyzing those results over the coming months.

Again Thank you so much for the amazing work you do.


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


From: Pranay Patel []

Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 3:43 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: OTF Testimonial


The OTF charts do it again. It took me few months to get used to the OTF streamers but once I learned it it has delivered for me time after time. I would not trade futures without the OTF streamers again.

Just last week alone OTF streamers helped me clean up over 60 handles in a day. As Fari would say thats surf and turf money!

I am also member of the PTM PRO and Options. With the auto trade options I do not have to worry about trades. Both products have continually been making money for me.

The products offered at Hamzei Analytics are far superior to anything else that is out there. I would recommend them to anyone that is interested in this market.


Pranay Patel

From: David Baxt []

Sent: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 12:51 AM

To: ’Fari Hamzei’

Subject: PMT Testimonial


You’ve done it again! Another week has gone by and your PMT Pro service has nailed the market’s move nearly to the exact number you predicted. The amount of money I’ve made from PMT as a result of just this past month alone would easily pay for all your services combined (PMT, OTF, Options, etc.) for life and leave me a substantial sum of money left over. Some have called you Nostradamus, but I disagree. There’s no guessing to what you do. As they say in athletics, Victories aren’t born on the field - you create them during practice day in and day out and that’s the same with you. Your relentless quest for precision and excellence has created a “bottoms up”, data driven model that’s now proven itself time and time again. I look forward to your next change in bias as I’m confident you’ll be ahead of the pack, and as a result, I’ll be positioned for gain long before the herd!

David Baxt

Chief Investment Officer

Inspir Aviation Holdings

Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


From: Luke Ott []

Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 6:16 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Cc: Anne-Marie B

Subject: My experience with Hamzei Analytics

Hello Fari,

I have been using Hamzei Analytics for a couple months now wanted to share some takeaways.

The OTF Chart Streamer suite of products has provided we with an understanding and insight into the market activity of stocks, futures, and ETFs that I did not have before. I now have the ability to determine when it is best to enter and exit trades based on objective, factual data. The webinars and the coaching you all gave me got me comfortable with the products quickly. The morning briefing with Anne-Marie Baiynd has also been extremely valuable in pulling all the data points together into a cohesive strategy. Her briefs are tremendous.

Finally, I wanted to mention the excellent technical support from your staff. Suzi was great. She made sure I had the correct log in protocol and settings on my computer. And except for some self inflicted errors on my part, the interface with your network and webinars has been very smooth.

So for the reasons mentioned above (and actually many more but I’m trying to keep this short) I wanted to thank you for products and the support from everyone. It’s been a game changer and a pleasure.



Luke Ott, CAPT USN (Retired)


"We are going to relentlessly chase perfection. Perfection of course is not attainable, but in the process of chasing perfection, we will catch excellence."

-Vince Lombardi, 1959

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From: George Dowding []

Sent: Sunday, April 9, 2017 12:10 AM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: Good Ship Hamzei

Hi Fari -

It’s great to be aboard.

My first mentor in this biz said that a trader must master these: pattern recognition, momentum and timing. Hamzei Analytics has aced all three, although not by conventional means.

Pattern recognition by HA OTF is a different and a much more powerful tool. We can see patterns of accumulation and distribution by large institutions much clearer than by volume analysis alone. This is BIG.

Momentum can be monitored by the proprietary OTF Central Intelligence indicators that, again, reflect real-time trading by major players. I have not been able to execute this before.

The results from Timer Digest regarding PMT speak for themselves - outstanding! Timing has historically been my weakest area, and the PMT system of weekly bias for options and spreads has been enormously helpful. Sometimes I can replicate suggested targets and sometimes I can’t, but they are often successfully hit.

Hamzei Analytics provides an ARSENAL which, if I use it effectively, will accelerate my trading career.

Keep up the great work,

George Dowding

310-913-2344 m

From: Dan Havlik []

Sent: Friday, April 7, 2017 10:02 AM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: Testimonial

PMT Pro member here. Really appreciated the webinar. And love the PMT Pro service. More than paid for my annual subscription with my very first trade back in Dec. One happy camper here.

I have been a swing trader/investor for over 25 years. The PMT Pro service is by far the best subscription service that I have ever come across that I use for swing trading. Nothing else comes close. And I have tried so many subscription services that I have lost count. Do check out his ratings on Timer Digest to see where he ranks against other services. Quite impressive!

Dan Havlik

From: Ziriad A Saibi []

Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2017 10:28 AM

To: ’Fari Hamzei’

Subject: For Anne-Marie&s Class

Hi General,

As discussed, please find below few words for Anne-Marie’s class, Everything written below is sincere and I stand behind every single word. I’ll have to make a run at the carpenter’s atelier but nothing time consuming, so don’t hesitate to let me know if the below isn’t helpful, I can rephrase/reduce…

It is thru Anne-Marie’s twitter feed that I came to know about Hamzei Analytics, at first I subscribed to PMT Pro and got my investment back [and more] within the first few days. PMT has been a smooth sail since then. I just need to trade once or twice a week, PMT literally spoon feeds $$ in my account.

I am also an HFT OTF member and after two months using it, I can honestly say that it is the best investment decision I’ve made, period. OTF is not a magic trick, I do have to put in hard work and dedication but the payoff is worth every second of my time. Beyond the profitable trades and as equally important to me is the ton of learnings gleaned every single day. #Priceless

All this wouldn’t be possible without Admiral’s [Mark ‘SPO’] coaching on HFT OTF principles, concepts, and his incredible patience in answering my incessant flow of questions. Thanks to Admiral, I can now look at OTF streamers, trade with discipline and consistently generate profits. I definitely owe my quick ramp-up to Admiral’s hands-on coaching and I can’t stress enough the value I got from it as a new HFT OTF member.

To sum it up, my OTF journey is just starting and I wouldn’t trade my spot in this community for any other one.

Ziriad A. Saibi

Heading out to see the carpenter,

TTYL General,


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Alex Gulotta’s Testimonial

Alex Gulotta’s Testimonial

From: Craig Rheingruber []

Sent: Saturday, September 10, 2016 12:38 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: HFT OTF Package

I have been a Gold/Currency & ES/S&P pit trader for over 38 years at CME. As we are all very well aware, the pit trading environment has undergone a complete overhaul where very few of us ‘Dinosaurs’ remain active.

When I was first introduced to Mark “SPO” Esposito of Hamzei Analytics, I was extremely skeptical, thinking here comes another program that makes all the money, all you need to do is pay the subscription and rub the lamp from time to time. Fortunately, Mark was very persistent and I eventually allowed him to present and educate me why what he was offering was so different. The Hamzei Analytics OTF (“Other Time Frame”) Live Streamer (with real-time audio) for ES as well as CL(Oil), NQ(Nasdaq), GC(Gold), and VX(VIX) Futures has provided a tool to compete in the very robust technical algorithmic environment we are all faced with now days. One of items that HFT OTF Package offers, and has been extremely helpful to me, is to hear the entry points, in real-time, which we often miss standing in the pit, as we can NOT monitor all indicators.

Hamzei Analytics provides technical tools, education and a very comprehensive trading & technical team always available to assist. The HA value proposition of return versus cost has to be experienced for one to understand its true merits. I am now a believer and user of the HA products as they complement my existing skills acquired over the years.


Craig Rheingruber

Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


From: Daniel B. Stern

Date: Fri, May 27, 2016 at 12:18 PM CT

Subject: Testimonial

To: Mark "SPO" Esposito

I have been using Fari Hamzei’s HFT OTF program since February. My conclusions are as follows:

1. The program works. It gives one the potential for success in the trading world.

2. There is a direct relationship between success and discipline. Success and hard work. That is nothing unusual.

3. One will see that between Fari Hamzei and Mark Esposito, customer support is excellent. I literally have spent many hours on the phone with both of them explaining the ins and outs of the program. That has been the key to my success.

Thank you.

Danny Stern

Managing Member

Stern Investment Advisors, LLC.

141 West Jackson Blvd. Suite 2027

Chicago, IL. 60604


From: @justtradin

Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2016 11:48 AM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: SOFTanalytics testimonial

Very few futures traders (if any) make money all the time.

However there is one trader that is highly consistent and rather deft in his approach to trading the futures markets, specifically: The S&P, Nasdaq and Crude Oil futures.

I would not trade S&P without Hamzei Analytics’ HFT OTF Streamer.

Jake Tiley,

Founder & CEO

SOFTanalytics, Inc.

Toronto, ON CANADA

Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


From: Mike Thompson

Sent: Saturday, May 7, 2016 2:34 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: Testimonial

I have been in the investment industry since 1996 managing investment products. In my current role, one of my responsibilities is managing the delta hedging for a mutual fund that specializes in selling equity index option combinations. Using the Hamzei Analytics HFT OTF proprietary technology has greatly increased the efficiency of our delta trading with S&P500 e-mini futures and Nasdaq100 futures. The ability to trade futures around a core hedge position (gamma scalping) has dramatically reduced the cost of our hedging activities. The HFT OTF technology was also easily able to add CBOE VIX futures which are a valuable tool for our fund.

A very pleasant surprise has been the community of professional traders that participate in the HFT OTF chat room on a daily basis. Ideas and market observations are shared freely which has resulted in research collaboration on new trading ideas.

The effort and diligence that Mr. Hamzei has put into developing his technology was apparent to me very quickly upon signing up. The learning curve was made easier by a large library of educational materials available for review at anytime.

If anyone has questions regarding our use of HFT OTF feel free to email me after signing the NDA with Hamzei Analytics.


Mike Thompson, CFA

Chief Investment Officer - Kaizen Advisory, LLC

Co-Head of Volatility Trading - Typhon Capital Management, LLC

From: Neil Van Huis @Viceroy_NVH

Sent: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 8:24 PM


Subject: Testimonial

I have been a professional futures trader for 8 years. After spending a great deal of time building several trading strategies, I wanted something to improve my entry, exit and position management at all times. Using Hamzei Analytics HFT OTF technology as well as utilizing Fari’s chatroom has done just that. Specifically, the technology has consistently identified short and long term trends and outlined them in a user friendly environment for traders to take advantage of. Identifying large "footprints" in the market is just the beginning of what this system can do. After spending just a few days using this technology, you can easily see the information it provides at every turn of the market, the beginning and end of every trend worth trading and everything in between. The fact that Fari’s technology supports the most liquid and actively traded instruments in the world leaves you with plenty of opportunity to be successful. Recent addition of Eurex instruments (DAX & EuroStoxx Index) makes this technology a round-the-clock global force.

The class of the individuals involved in helping grow the community and support Fari’s efforts to expand his technology is second to nowhere I have witnessed. I look forward to the constant improvement and expansion of everything that is a part of this technology. There is no one I have met so far in this business that puts as much care and effort into something like this as Mr. Hamzei.

If anyone has specific questions regarding this technology (btw, signed NDA is required), contact me in the HFT OTF Chatroom during your free trial period.

-Neil VH

From: Eddie Coquelet []

Sent: Friday, July 13, 2012 4:49 PM

To: ’HamzeiAnalytics Customer Care Dept’

Subject: RE: Contact Us Inquiry from Web Site

Hi Fari,

Exceptional work on the CI indicator. I think I may be using it in a fashion other than you have described in your tutorials.

Have you seen people take a trigger at a crossover of the zero line,??,, With another filter, to indicate larger trend, my signals, (real, live) signals have been great, going on 3months now. Testing back to 06 and 07, looks good.

Thanks again,

Many happy days trading and enjoy your weekend,

Eddie Coquelet

Tampa, Florida

From: Geoffrey Burns []

Sent: Friday, July 06, 2012 3:02 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: Compliment


Just a little shout out to you, as I’ve been gone for a while but it’s very good to be back with you, as I still feel you are EXCELLENT in what you provide and the value of this service is without peer!

I’m still trading a small account but as my time seems to be permitting me more and more market exposure I’m hopeful to turn the corner....

Anyway, thanks for your dedication and expertise!!


From: Jonathan Bergman []

Sent: Wednesday, January 18, 2012 11:15 AM


Subject: Jonathan Bergman//spytrader24

Thanks for everything Fari, I’m learning so much. C.I./MAC on the 5 minute mac/spy is absolutely genius and makes trading spy a heck of a lot more profitable. There might not be a holy grail but C.I./MAC is close. Webinars are very informative. Glad [spy] chat is going to be more transparent as well, so glad I found your service, maybe one day i will go from cub scouts to Navy and from Sailor to lieutenant. I might even put down the tea and pick up the juice....

I hope your dad improves, sorry to hear is not doing well.




Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 10:14 PM

To: Hamzei Analytics Admin

Subject: Testamonial


Just wanted to tell you how much that I have enjoyed your service.

First I am 84 years old and scheduled for eye procedure on Dec. 5th. [ cataract removal.] But with your subscription I have been able to enjoy life and make some extra money also, after about a month. This week ending Friday Nov 18th. I have made green in four out of five days. Today I ask for advice and was told to wait a little on entering order. It turned a profit of 10 cents a share into a profit of 40 cents a share. The entry and exit numbers posted are amazing to me. It matters not if you are a bull or bear the posted numbers have made me money both ways. I should have started this subscription whin I was younger. Life would have been much better. Went into USMC on Nov 2, 1942. Have always been the adventuring type. And this subscription has turned out to be a very enjoyable adventure.

THANKS Roy C. Stancil

From: Olga Andreyeva []

Sent: Friday, November 18, 2011 1:11 PM


Subject: Thanks Madison

I am happy that I am trading with Madison. Her levels are great, really big help in my everyday trading. Following Madison is keeping me on the right side of this choppy market.

Thanks Madison, Great Job.


From: Gwilli1122 []

Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2010 2:57 PM


Subject: Thank You

Hi Fari

Thanks for the update. I have been with HA now since the early part of this year and although I don’t always make it into the HFT room (still materially involved in my Commercial Real Estate Practice) and don’t talk much when I am there, I just want to thank you for the service you provide. Your room is fresh, informative and staffed with great people who believe in sharing trade ideas and knowledge. Its also great that you and others there have a great sense of humor and a level of modesty we do not often see in the financial markets. Anyone who wants to learn will find much at HFT.

Finally, I have been using the CI, CI DIFF, Sigma Channels and other tools since I signed up for them in the summer and they have helped me navigate the forex markets far better than I ever have, which is primarily where I trade. When I saw early on your connection to Ashraf Laidi (whom I respect a great deal), I knew HFT was right for me -- because I am learning and want to learn everyday. I know I will continue to learn and grow as a trader in your group.

Thanks again Fari and happy trading.

Gary R. Williams

Terracap Investments Inc.


From: [] On Behalf Of Diego Valentin Heine

Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2010 12:14 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: Thank You

Hello Fari,

I would like to thank you for the idea on the GS trade. On the original trade I went a little bit off the script. When I heard the idea on the HFT feed and on the open feed (available to any and all), I thought it was a good opportunity that I hadn’t seen myself and went ahead and opened an AUG 140-150 vertical call spread. I opened the 150 because it is not my personal account the person wanted some protection on the trade, since he is new to options and he is a very cautious investor. I just closed the trade after this spike up, along with the 2nd trade you are closing on GS too. Your exit is my queue to exit :). This Vertical was bought for a debit of $3.17 and sold for a credit of $9.20 an awesome return thanks to your idea, on the open feed!!! (no need for exact numbers, the idea on the trade made me the $). Anyone could have done it. Now this is proof that the information on the closed HFT feeds is superb. I have experienced the service since it’s beginning, and then also tried out the Gold sub. for the $WPCR; long story short, the $WPCR gave me a short on RIMM before earnings, while the regular PCR was neutral and well, just see that chart.Again, thank you for the superb info you give out for free and for printing us money on the closed feeds day after day.

Please feel free to this email or any portion on your testimony page. I wanted to write you as proof that you don’t need to be a Quant genius to trade with HFT nor you need to follow step by step, you can just take the info and the tools and trade it your way.

Thank you again Fari,

DVH @Stoxjunkie

From: Tina Lujan []

Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 9:19 AM

To: ’Fari Hamzei’

Subject: Your greatness...


I was thinking about what a great service you provide! I am truly amazed at how available you are – always present and ready for the battlefield. Your dedication and attention to detail is greatly admired. Leadership is the word that comes to mind when I think of you. Thank you so much for being a great mentor to us PDIs, or in my case PDC (Coloradoan).

I feel blessed and honored to be in your corner General. I can only hope to be as savvy and successful as you someday. Thank you for it all Fari.

If there is anything I could do please don’t hesitate to call on me.


From: Cesar Urrea []

Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 8:31 AM


Subject: Your products.

Dear Fari,

I just wanted to write you a quick email to thank you for your excellent products. After getting adjusted to PBT, I do not know how I could trade today without it. It pays for itself every single day. Quality products at extremely fair prices...something rarely seen. Thank you. Of course, your the sigma channels and chat room speak for themselves as well.

Happy trading!


From: JHaronis []

Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 1:26 PM

To: ’HA_info’

Subject: Thanks for the GS call


Just wanted to share…. I Bagged about $625 (post commissions) today on the Spread I put on GS earlier today…based on your GS webinar call from yesterday

Sold 10c Jul 155 call bought Aug 155 call …brilliant!!

Quick in(early this morn) …and quick out!

I hope to get back in on a pullback next week…



Have a nice weekend!

Sent From J. Haronis

From: JHaronis []

Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 9:58 PM

To: ’Fari Hamzei’


Subject: Testimonial

From the instant you are connected with the staff at Hamzei Analytics you are taken by the feeling of…”Good things are going to happen here” and they did for me.

Within the first few days of having the experience of being in the High Frequency Trading Chat room, I knew this was a serious place for serious traders…a place just for ME!

When I posted a question in the room I received answers instantly not only by moderators who talk about Multiple Futures Instruments, Options and Forex, but by other participants in the rooms. A few days later Fari Hamzei was able to give an opinion about an upcoming possible opportunity on a monster options trade…the next morning I jumped on it just to see how it may play out….by mid afternoon I was out of the trade and financed easily the next several months of subscription dues to the HFT chat room. I find myself wanting to get through the weekend quickly because I cannot wait for the markets to open Monday morning. The Hamzei Analytics website is full of powerful information, Educational Materials, being able to extrapolate this info and use it in your day to day trading while following the pros in the HFT room is best described as a thing of beauty.

Thanks again


Sent From John Haronis

Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


From: Altan Sadik-Khan []

Sent: Sunday, February 07, 2010 8:50 AM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: Testimonial for @HighFreqTrading

Hamzei Analytics represents one of the few honest deals one can find in life. Since joining HA my progress as a trader has increased at an exponential rate in every aspect of understanding. Having traded with it for a few months now, I can’t imagine trading without it! The Super Platinum package was my best decision of 2009. Some of the greatest teachers around, remarkable indicators, and a professional and focused atmosphere; this is what separates Hamzei Analytics from the rest of the noise! Very few times in life will one find a group of masters who are willing to share their hard won knowledge about a given subject. The masters of HA fall into that category. Who can argue with a 7% day? Answer: not a person in the world!


Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2010 10:32 AM


Subject: Testamonial HFT

Fari, I wanted to thank you for this Great Product. It’s nice to be on the right side of a trade with your guidance. Attempting to navagate thru the trading process without Twitter HFT + your HFT chatroom would be very scarry + down right lonely. It gives me great confidence that when a trade goes the wrong way, I’m not the only one loosing, + that it will probably turn profitable. This isn’t a snap your fingers + make money instantly type thing, for the most part you can’t leave your PC while you have a trade on. [sometimes 2 hours +] I started with a $2000. account + more than doubled it[making between $100-$300 per day], before adding add’l money. I have only been involved with HFT for around 2 mos + I am up around 15K. Not every day is a good one, but steady a she goes I’m gaining. No more trading stocks for me, this is too much fun. Bob M

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From: []

Sent: Friday, January 01, 2010 11:09 PM


Subject: Testimonial

Hi Fari,

Every year on New Years Eve I take a personal inventory of the year. Subscribing to HFT has been the single best service/education I have ever used. It’s far different from any other service, providing hands on education and data resources. I personally feel that I have a significant advantage with HFT given the resources provided including the live chart streamers, proprietary data systems (AWACS), and commentary in the chat room from the very experienced moderators along with other HFT subscribers.

I find myself to be far more profitable with your HFT service, and for that I am extremely thankful. Beyond the just the HFT service your webinars are invaluable and I am amazed by the time you devote to them. I have also studied your Dollar Weighted Put/Call Ratio ($wPCR) and if used as appropriately they’re big gainers. Thanks again for all your hard work and the time you devote and I am looking forward to 2010!

Thanks and best regards,

Ben Clumeck



Twitter: benc11

Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


From: Juliana White []

Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 8:52 PM


Subject: Thank you

Hello Fari,

I would like to thank for the exceptional service you offer!

I make Heather’s words mine!

After a great start this year trading options, I became "stuffing for the sausages"...

I have been out of the market for now but I’m using my time to raise my Son and study.

I have tried a lot of services in the last 6 months but yours is second to none.

I’m sure I’ll be a much better trader when I get back to the game thanks to you!


Juliana White

Director of Event Marketing

Bathrooms by Design

(866)703 BATH

From: Heather McRae []

Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2009 5:15 PM


Subject: testimonial

Dear Fari,

I first learned about you from the CBOE 3 Gurus webinar about 5 weeks ago. I remember having no idea what you were talking about during your presentation. I have only been trading for 1 year and do not trade futures. I began following you on Twitter, attending your information-packed webinars and taking advantage of the free trial membership to Hamzei Analytics I received as an attendee of 3 Gurus. As an option trader, I utilize your real-time dollar-weighted put/call ratio ($wPCR) to look for sentiment among the "Smart Money" on Wall Street. Last week, I placed a bear call spread and a bull put spread based on the data from your $wPCR and in 4 days I was +52% on the former and +18% on the latter. Since, Hamzei Analytics is the only service that has this live, real-time data, it gives me an edge as a trader.

I want to thank you, Fari, for all that you provide to the traders who are a part of your community. In five short weeks, it has been an invaluable experience for me. I am excited to say my goal for 2010 is to become a successful futures trader under the guidance of you, the master!

Warm Regards,

Heather McRae

From: stephen gilbert []

Sent: Sunday, December 06, 2009 11:08 AM


Subject: Workshop


I will not be in the workshop today, unfortunately. But it is for good reason. I’ll be watching my daughter play for the lacrosse tournament championship, (Lots of soup for her). I wanted to let you know in case the room filled and somebody could take my spot.

Also Fari, I would like to tell you how grateful I am to watch, listen and learn from you and the others in your room. It surely is the best value on the street. You are helping me be a better trader and I Thank You.



Stephen Gilbert


Follow @HamzeiAnalytics on Twitter to stay ahead of the Markets


From: Diego Valentin Heine []

Sent: Sunday, September 27, 2009 3:53 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: HFT

Fari and HFT team,

I have cancelled my subscription becasue I will be moving back to South America in the next couple months and will be unable to trade and give HFT the time and attention it needs in the meantime. I want to thank you Fari, for the extraordinary service and information you share and provide on your service. I will keep following and sharing with all on the open Twitter stream on my moving process while I sporadically trade.

Again, thank you very much for your service, the price for the HFT is truly a bargain compared to the return we receive. I have plans of joining a major Bank in S.A. to move forward on my trading career and open a Private Equity and Investment Fund in the next year too, in Peru. Be sure I will renew my subs. as soon as I am settled.

Diego Valentin Heine

Twitter: Stoxjunkie

From: rob bonner []

Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2009 2:23 PM


Subject: Thanks!

Dear Hamzei Analytics,

As a trader, I am always looking for an edge. I came upon Hamzei Analytics’ custom indicators after watching a few of the webinars. I am a day trader, and I have to say that the CI "Central Intelligence" custom indicator has gone beyond my expectations. I have used most of the charting platforms and indicators out today, but I will be sticking with eSignal + HA’s CI. I have been looking for a custom indicator because I wanted something that was different from the standard set of indicators (MACD, CCI, Stochastics , etc). On a long term chart, I use the indicators to address an overall trend. For my day trades, I use the CI’s crossing action for buy and sell signals. I could not be happier with both the product and service I receive. I really appreciate the hard work that HA puts in daily to deliver such a great product.


Robert Bonner

From: julius fister []

Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2009 2:57 PM



Fari Hamzei;

I attended the Hamzei Analytics webinar on Saturday April 18, 2009 and I have attended a number of other webinars as well.

I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your kind invitation to join in these webinars. I use technical analysis in my trading, although I take a slightly different approach than that taken by yourself at Hamzei Analytics. However, I never fail to come away from your webinars with a lot of excellent technical information.

I also appreciate your sharing of information through emails and now the Twitter site.

Thanks again for sharing your information and knowledge and I wish you continued success,

Julius Fister

From: []

Sent: Sunday, October 28, 2007 1:04 PM


Subject: Thank you

Good afternoon Mr. Hamzei, I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to speak with me while attending the optionsxpress xpo. As I said when we met, my main reason for attending the xpo was to meet you and say thank you in person.

Your webinar on Optionsxpress several weeks ago changed the way I get into trades. Since I started trading options that are at least two strike prices in the money, I have been making substantially more money in my trades. Also I have been using the information from your website to help select my trades.

Thanks for signing my book and for the shirt.

Have a great day,

Rich Martin

Richard & Janine


A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel.-- Robert Frost

The gradual acceptance of what was once considered unacceptable will be the downfall of our society...

From: Dean Urick []

Sent: Thursday, October 25, 2007 4:47 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: Re: RE:

Dear Fari,

Just a quick note to say Thank You for your time and patience in helping me to understand the system. You, personally, went above and beyond the call to make certain that I had a clear working knowledge of the Sigma Channels and all that goes with them to make consistent winning and highly-profitable trades - the call on VOD was a picture-perfect home run! My only regret was that I didn’t buy more contracts - HA!

Anyway... thanks again, and if you need me give me a call...


From: Aaron Thomas []

Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 11:28 PM


Subject: September 27 & 28 class at CBOE

Thank you for your time and expertise for the class. What I found to be particularly helpful in your teachings were the butterfly roll on spreads and the understanding of the market makers available deltas and vegas. I noticed in certain option trades the components being utilized from what was discussed on the floor and that has given me a better understandings of the inter workings of the options market.

I would like to see the Op-Eval pro be able to calculate more than one expiration. My trades are volatility based on a majority of those trades are calendar-ized. It leaves the software limited and with the advent of think or swim, trade king and other black box platforms in order to compete head on there must be some adjustments. I do like it and will continue to use it for same months directional trades.

What I found to be particularly helpful with Fari was the sigma bands. Being able to see real time volatility is amazing. I found his advice and expertise to be very thorough in thought and concept. I also appreciate that Hamzei Analytics has a virtual trading room to converse with other pro traders. One thing I have always felt was isolated and had only limited places i could turn for help. I feel like i joined the Yankees. everyone in the room is a bonafide trader.

$wPCR has led me to analyze my strategies and selections in a much more informed manner. I use the data daily. I also really enjoyed his teaching style and mathematical background. If i can say anything that would need to be improved was the wykoff explanations and to explain more of the charting indicators as a lot of times in the afternoons we would start blending and it would become cumbersome. All in all I am super happy i attended and would attend additional classes in the future. It looks like a fantastic team to be a part of. Thank you and all the best.

Aaron Thomas

The "Bay Area Mortgage Expert"

(925) 997 - 1156

Don’t Keep me a Secret!

From: James Atkins []

Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2007 1:42 PM

To: Fari Hamzei

Subject: CBOE Thanks


Just a note of thanks for everything that I learned at your recent CBOE seminar. I had been struggling to put this all together myself, but the class brought it all together. I now have a better understanding of $PCR and sigma channels and how to use the two together. I came home, applied the principles and after dabbling in a few small trades I put on a larger trade last week. The underlying (FCX) is up $9.00 over the last 2 days and looks like there is more to go. I figure that on this trade alone I have paid my airfare, hotel and tuition nine times over. This is not so much about a great trade. It is about understanding the principles you outlined, learning to use your website, finding a setup based on what you taught and following it up. I am certain I can use the same principles over and over again. Thanks for providing such a great platform.

Jim Atkins

From: jim meeker []

Sent: Tuesday, September 04, 2007 9:50 AM

To: MSA-Reply

Subject: Re: FW: testimonial

Hi Mike,

Seeing new data... can certainly have a negative impact on your trading... However, from my experience, learning and implementing the tools and techniques into my prior experience and method has absolutely 100% changed the size in which I trade and my profit targets... For example, I am a reactionary trader... but, that being said, I go into each day now having extreme confidence in knowing where, when, and how big my bet size will be... I used to scalp 2-3 pts a trade.... religiously... Now, it is not uncommon for me to have 20+ pt days in ES... My goal is 10pts a day... averaged over a year... for me... that is serious coin... Point being, 10 pts, I believe is a realistic and conservative goal... I would encourage you to invest 3 months into the Superplatinum Room... The reason I suggest 3 months... is that is the time it took me to become 100% confident in the added indicators and target levels... at which time I began to trust and trade them... ci, cidiff, pbt etc are unreal... Hope to see you in there... or email me back if you have further questions or comments... btw... I receive nothing for my comments here and opinions... I am truly a satisfied member... as is everyone involved..

Take Care... good trading

Jim Meeker

From: Brandon Gable []

Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2007 3:57 PM


Subject: Testimonial

Hamzei Analytics has a wide range of useful resources for the professional trader. I’ve been trading since 1998, and find that I can never know enough about the market. I’m always trying to learn and read up on the current market issues. I find the chat room to be a treasure chest of information. There was a comment about a leak that the fed was going to cut rates the day before it happened. I took a long position overnight and made a very nice return the following morning when the futures jumped 2%. This is just an example of the type of comments you can find during the trading day. I have to confess that I’ve probably learned more about economics in this trading room than I did during my undergraduate courses.

The mindset of a trader is one of the most important aspects of trading profitably and is probably what I have taken most from Hamzei Analytics trading room and resources. There are many seasoned professionals to consult every trading day. Since I have been using this service, I have managed to develop from my average trading with no real system and huge swings in p&l, to a more consistent style and system. Thank you Fari Hamzei.

From: []

Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 11:55 AM


Subject: Re: testimonial

Hi Jim, Just read your testimonial from Hamzei Analytics, sounds good. I too trade the Futures, mostly sp e-mini. I cheched out Hamzei alittle while ago. It just seems like (TMI) Too Much Information. I like to read the tape and keep my signals clearly simple. I don’t want spend my monring trying to figure out what they’re saying to be able to look at the mkt. Do you think they have tools that will help me? thnx, mike

From: Dave Allen

Sent: Monday, October 23, 2006 8:36 AM


Subject: Greetings from Canada

"First off, I’d like to extend my gratitude for an unbelievable seminar in Chicago. I found the content to be extremely interesting and directly applicable to my current and future style of trading. You truly have a wealth of knowledge and I consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet with you in such a personal environment. While traveling home, I managed to read most of your new book and have found multiple topics of interest - what a team of traders you have assembled! As I’m sure you’ve known for a long time, trading is exciting and it’s always refreshing to meet new people with new ideas. It’s what gives us the inertia to keep pushing forward in such a difficult business.

I checked the HOTS recommendations last night and have initiated two of the three positions. I couldn’t get into PCU at the suggested spread and am wondering if it’s too late now. Also, I am wondering about the MO trade...If the feeling is bullish, why not just go long the calls and take part in the upside to it’s full extent?

Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope to stay in touch via trading room and further emails (if that’s okay) Who knows, I might have to take you up on your offer for breakfast on Saturday down in sunny California!!

Best Regards,"

Dave Allen

From: Blakey Vermeule

Sent: Wednesday, Janaury 4, 2006 11:07 AM


Subject: Re:(no subject)

"Face it, trading is tough or everyone would do it. But Hamzei Analytics has developed a service that you can’t find anywhere else in the financial industry. Not only are their services useful financially, but they are a great education too. Hamzei Analytics helps me find my trading mojo.

thanks so much"


From: Patrick Crisafulli

Sent: Friday, December 20, 2005 6:39 AM

To: Fari Hamzei []

Subject: Morgan Stanley (MWD)

"This one is our next testimonial. Fari told us to be patient because this one would take some time. Being a little impatient, we got in too early, and had to ride through some downturn, but now we are well positioned for the upside, which we are seeing now.

Thank you!"

- Patrick Crisafulli

From: Patrick Crisafulli

Sent: Friday, December 16, 2005 7:18 AM

To: Fari Hamzei []

Subject: Corning Glass (GLW)

Dear Fari: My group of investor-friends and I value your advice. You have told us not only what to buy and when to buy, but also when to sell and when to HOLD. Your advice on holding a stock (GLW), in particular, saved us from losing out on $4/share in profits! We have all benefitted from your market insights and will continue to listen to your advice. Thank you from all of us. Best wishes for a succesful and profitable New Year.

- Patrick Crisafulli

The following comment is from Tom Bohn, and the source is SuperPlatinum Chatroom Transcript Archives:

Wed Nov 09 09:26:36 PST 2005: Tom_Bohn: Brad, you have become one of my fav reads each morning

Wed Nov 09 09:27:40 PST 2005: Tom_Bohn: when my star was alligned with yours over the last 6 mths, it has paid off in spades

Wed Nov 09 09:28:11 PST 2005: Brad_Sullivan: thanks for the compliment Tom

From: Sally Limantour

Sent: Saturday, December 3, 2005 1:03 PM

To: J. Bridges, Jr. []

Subject: Corning (GLW)

"Hi Jim

Hamzei Analytics is a powerhouse of indicators and trading ideas that continues to help me generate profits. As a futures trader for 25 years, I was skeptical of joining a chat room, but I was introduced to one on this website and it has added tremendous value to my trading. Everday I learn from Brad Sullivan as he shares his observations and trading scenarios. Brad has helped to sharpen my trading skills in the S&P and he also recently had a great trade recommendation in soybeans that tagged his objective and enabled me to lock in a tidy profit.

Thanks, Brad and Fari for creating this and I can only say it is exciting to be associated with a team that has the research and experience to develop winning strategies."

Sally Limantour

From: David T. Denmead, M.D.

Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 2:37 PM




I don’t know how you do it, but your chatroom list reads like a financial who’s who. I don’t think CNBC could do any better. Says a lot for you and your site. It’s worth the subscription just for these chats. I am really looking forward to Bollinger and Prechter, not to mention Larry tomorrow."


From: John Studnicky

Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 6:04 AM


Subject: RE: HOTS Issue #29 Update A is now online

"thanks Fari. Funny how your chat room is becoming a place where

serious economics discussion is now parallel to serious trades...

I’m very much enjoying it."

"As the creator of, I get to evaluate some of the finest technical analysis available. After looking at Fari’s work for some time, I have to say that it qualifies as some of the best "heads up" analysis I’ve seen in my 20 years of trading.

What’s fascinating, is that he can give you heads up for a turn, when there are seemingly no hints of such. Everything seems just as it was, and then suddenly, THERE it is. In my opinion, a trader who uses Fari’s work will rarely be surprised by a big reversal, and will often be profitably positioned for it.

I strongly recommend taking the time to understand his work. It pays its own way."

Mark Young
Equity Guardian Group, LLC &

"Hi there Fari,

Wow! I just can’t tell you how impressed I am with the outstanding work you have done in putting together such a world class web-site on options. Between you and I, over the years, as a T.V. personality of sorts, I have been on the receiving end of a number of off-beat stock market theories. People come up to you at conferences with work they want you to look at, which is of course, very flattering but 90% of it doesn’t have a prayer in suceeding. You try to be as nice as you can, but you can’t help getting a little jaded. I read analysis in magazines most of which is not that good, and for awhile was asked to beta-test computer programs, so I believe I know good work when I see it. So you know, in my shoes, sometimes you get so glazed over hearing about this or that, and they always turn out disappointing that after awhile you just you know what, really cutting edge work just doesn’t exist. So whacko sent me a 40 page to me 3 weeks claiming to 100% accurate on the market all the time, and he got upset when I didn’t agree. Oops!

Anyway, all of this is to say, - Man..., Fari, with this web site, you’ve just hit one deep over the center field bleechers right out of the park!

Great Work ! "10"!!!

I hope we can stay in touch, I’ll help you anyway I can. You’re info. is quite valuable and should be able to earn you a very fine living without doing anything else. I hope we can get together in the near future for lunch or dinner."

Best Regards,
Frank Barbera, Jr., CMT

"Hey Nostradamus, good call.

The other two are expected to be the next to fall.

At the Nasdaq tomorrow for Tom. See you, or rather you’ll see me."

Mary Thompson

"I love the look and feel of the website -- just an added note of thanks for your hospitality -- you are truly a gentleman and a scholar -- i have asked Jeff deGraaf at Lehman to obtain some of Murali Ramaswami’s work on volatility."

Steve Shobin
Retired Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Strategist
AmeriCap Advisers, LLC

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